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Underwater Ocean Mural - Vinyl Wall Decals for Home Decor

Underwater Ocean Mural - Wall Decals
Underwater Ocean Mural - Wall Decals
Item# ocean-mural
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Wall Decal Description

Underwater Ocean Mural - Wall Decals
Our full wall Ocean Mural wall decal will make any kid feel like he lives with the fish! It comes complete with a whale, a dolphin, a submarine, an octopus, a school of seven fish, two crabs, a turtle, two seahorses, two starfish, lots of grass, waves and bubbles and a customizable sign.

Here are the sizes (width x height):

Whale: 35x23
Dolphin: 18x10
Submarine: 23x15
Octopus: 14x23
Fish: 4x3.25 ea.
Crab: 6.5x7 ea.
Turtle: 10.5x7.25
Seahorse: 6x12 ea.
Starfish: 8"diam. and 6.25" diam.
Grass: 33x48 (as shown)
Waves: one at 50" wide and two at 38" wide
Sign: 19x36

All of these designs can be placed however you wish, so you can create your own underwater scene! The colors will come in the groups as shown in the photo. Please choose your colors and custom sign text above.

Single Stone Studios Original Art Copyright 2012

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